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Don’t worry if your living space has less-than-ideal lighting conditions. With these low-light indoor plants, you can create a lush oasis without needing ample sunshine. We spoke to plant expert Phoebe Poole for her recommendations on the best houseplants that don’t require direct sunlight.

Take a look at our list and bring some green into even the darkest corners of your home.

1. Snake Plant: A sturdy choice for limited light

Snake plants are known for their resilience and ability to thrive in dimly lit spaces. Their modern pointed leaves with variegated colors add boldness to any room, whether displayed in a small pot or a large planter. Water them every two to three weeks when the top layer of soil is completely dry.

2. Spider Plant: A whimsical low-light hangout

Spider plants make excellent hanging options, often spotted in offices and homes with limited natural light. They have a tendency to grow wildly, so it’s essential to keep them trimmed and let them dry out between waterings.

3. Pothos: Beautiful cascading greens

Pothos is another wonderful low-light option, especially with its cascading vines. To encourage bushier growth, trim the vine tips occasionally. If you need new cuttings, simply place them in water until they develop roots.

4. Maidenhair Fern: Elegant foliage for shady spots

Ferns can be slightly sensitive to humidity and moisture levels, but the beauty of a maidenhair fern in a low-lit space is worth the effort. These plants prefer a balance of humid and dry conditions.

5. Ivy: A Climbing plant for indoor ambiance

Ivy is not just for outdoor gardens and building exteriors. It can also be grown indoors without requiring direct sunlight. To maintain a lush look, trim the vines occasionally.

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6. Bird of Paradise: Exotic flair in low light

This low-maintenance tropical plant will give your indoor space an exotic touch, even if it takes several years to bloom. Make sure its soil is consistently damp but never soggy, and place it in a well-draining pot for optimal results.

7. Cast Iron Plant: Robust foliage for darker spaces

If you’re looking for a hard-to-kill houseplant that doesn’t need sunshine, consider the sturdy cast iron plant. As their name suggests, these resilient plants can survive with minimal care and attention in darker spaces.

8. Prayer Plant: A lush tropical addition

The prayer plant thrives in low light and warmth while adding a vibrant, tropical feel to your home décor. Humidity is essential for this plant’s wellbeing, so make sure it’s housed in a warm environment.

9. Parlor Palm: Mini palm trees for limited sunlight

Living in a poorly lit space doesn’t mean you can’t grow beautiful parlor palms. These subtle trees are known to improve air quality and provide a cozy, tropical vibe in low-light situations.

10. Lucky Bamboo: An auspicious low-light ornament

Lucky bamboo is believed to bring good luck and fortune into homes, making it a perfect addition to dimly-lit rooms. Ensure it stays out of reach for pets, as it can be harmful to cats and dogs.

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11. ZZ Plant: A hardy choice for dark rooms

The ZZ plant is an excellent option if you need something that can thrive with minimal natural light or water. It’s perfect for the less attentive gardener and can survive even without direct sunlight.

12. Monstera: An easy-to-care trendy option

Trendy monstera plants are also great low-light choices. In their natural habitat, they grow in the shade of larger trees, so limited sunlight isn’t an issue.

More low-light houseplants for your collection

13. Chinese Evergreen:

The perfect office desk companion

14. Peace Lily:

An elegant bloomer that enjoys the shade

15. Calathea:

Bold patterned foliage for your home jungle

16. Kentia Palm:

A tall, graceful palm for dim corners

17. Schefflera:

A fun umbrella plant for shadier spaces

18. Dracaena:

A tall and striking statement plant for low light

19. Rubber Plant:

Lush, glossy leaves for dark spaces

20. Philodendron:

A classic vine for indoor gardens with limited sun

With these twenty beautiful and forgiving houseplants, you can create a lush indoor sanctuary no matter your lighting conditions.

Just remember that every plant has different watering requirements, and providing them with the best possible care will ensure their success in your home.


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