10 Planting recommendations for April, from colorful perennials to tasty veggies

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As the days begin to grow warmer and longer, April is an ideal time for garden enthusiasts to kick-start their planting season. Whether you’re looking to add some color to your garden or enjoy fresh homegrown vegetables, there’s a variety of flowers and veggies to plant in April.

Before starting, ensure that you know your agricultural zone and the last anticipated frost date in your area. We’ll share ten must-plant perennials and veggies to transform your garden.

Colorful perennials for your spring garden

April is the perfect time to invest in vibrant perennials that will not only beautify your garden but also provide long-term blooms. Here are five stunning perennials to consider planting this month:


Known for their vivid colors and mesmerizing patterns, Dahlias provide gorgeous cut flowers throughout the season. Start these tubers indoors before transplanting them outdoors later in spring.

2/ Pansies and violas:

These cool-weather annuals can be planted in April for a prolonged flowering season. As hardy perennials, they should be available at local nurseries as rooted plants.

3/ Cool-weather flower seeds:

Sow seeds directly into the ground during April for low-maintenance perennials like Columbine, Delphinium, and Coral Bells. These plants offer unique foliage and blooms that attract pollinators.

4/ Bulbs:

Spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths can be planted now for dazzling displays next year. Remember to plant them at the recommended depth and spacing for best results.

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5/ Peonies:

April is a good time to plant these classic, fragrant flowers in well-draining soil. Peonies do well in sunny spots, but ensure they have some afternoon shade in hotter regions.

Tasty veggies to plant in your April garden

April is an opportune month to start planting vegetables that thrive in cooler weather and can be enjoyed later in the season. Here are five tasty veggies to grow in your garden:

6/ Broccoli:

Broccoli should be started indoors from seed before being transplanted outdoors. It needs around 6-8 weeks of cool temperatures to develop strong roots and foliage.

7/ Cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage:

These cruciferous vegetables also benefit from starting indoors before transplantation. Depending on the variety, harvest times may differ, so consult seed packet instructions.

8/ Beets, onions, and carrots:

Underground veggies like beets, onions, and carrots can be planted directly into the ground this month. As they grow, they’ll break up the soil, making it more suitable for other plants.

9/ Lettuce:

Lettuce thrives in cooler weather, making it an ideal plant to start during April. Sow seeds directly into the ground or in containers for a continuous harvest throughout the season.

10/ Spinach:

Spinach is another cool-season vegetable that can be easily grown from seed by sowing directly into the soil. Planting in partial shade can help extend its harvest when temperatures begin to rise.

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Maintaining your blooms and bounties

To ensure the best results for both your flowers and vegetables, take some time to properly prepare your garden beds. Add compost to enrich the soil and improve its structure, which will encourage good root growth and development. As you plant, remember to space them out correctly to allow room for growth and air circulation.

Monitoring water levels is also crucial during this period of establishment – most plants require regular watering, but overwatering can lead to root rot and other issues. Furthermore, don’t neglect to watch for pests and diseases that may impact the health and growth of your plants. Employ preventative measures such as natural pesticides or companion planting techniques to protect your garden.

April presents an excellent opportunity to brighten up your yard and enjoy homegrown produce by planting these beautiful perennials and nutritious vegetables. Get a head start on preparing your garden, and make the most of the planting season ahead to create bountiful harvests and picturesque blooms.


Justin, an avid writer, is equally passionate about gardening, especially cultivating beautiful flowers and productive vegetable patches. His writing skillfully intertwines his gardening experiences with vivid descriptions and keen insights, inspiring readers to appreciate nature's beauty and consider their own gardening adventures.