7 Flowers to seed this April for enjoying summer blooms, decorative cutting, and edible benefits.

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  • 7 Flowers to seed this April for enjoying summer blooms, decorative cutting, and edible benefits.

A beautiful garden filled with vibrant colors is an instant mood booster. With April rolling in, it’s the perfect time to fill beds, borders, and containers with a burst of color by planting flower seeds indoors and outdoors.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of seven gorgeous flowers that can be sown in April, along with useful tips on where and how to plant them.

April planting : when and where

The specific flowers you can plant outdoors during April will depend on your region’s climate. However, when risks of frost have passed and soil has warmed up, you can start sowing hardier flower seeds directly into your garden.

Tender or half-hardy flowers can also be transplanted outside as temperatures continue to rise, especially for cooler regions. While many flowers appreciate being sown indoors due to controlled environments and reduced risk from pests, some prefer outdoor planting. Always research each flower and follow recommendations found on seed packets.

Flower spotlight: 7 stunning options


Also known as sweet alyssum, this flower produces a carpet of tiny, white blooms. The cascading effect makes it perfect for pots and hanging baskets. Alyssum seeds germinate best between 50-60ºF, making them suitable for unheated greenhouses, cold frames, or windowsills.


With its large, showy tassels available in red, purple, or green shades, amaranth is both visually captivating and practical for borders, ornamental gardens, and vegetable gardens. Leaves and seeds are also edible! You can start amaranth seeds indoors or outdoors from mid-spring onwards, then transfer them outside after no frost threats remain.

A LIRE EGALEMENT  Avoid planting this flower near butterfly weed in your pollinator garden

Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus) is the most commonly known variety.


This dual-purpose plant offers both aesthetically pleasing blue star-shaped flowers and edible leaves perfect for salads and summer drinks. To plant borage seeds, sprinkle them thinly 16 inches apart and cover with a half-inch of soil. If you prefer starting borage indoors, sow into pots that avoid root disturbance.

Annual varieties feature brighter flowers and smaller foliage.


Commonly known as baby’s breath, this dainty flower adds an airy quality to any garden. Directly sow gypsophila seeds at their growing position when soil temperatures reach 70ºF, as these plants dislike root disturbance.

5/Sunflowers :

Known for their tall stature and large, bright faces, sunflowers bring a vibrant and energetic presence to any garden.

6/Peonies :

With their lush, full blooms and range of colors, peonies offer a luxurious and fragrant addition to landscapes and bouquets.

7/Lavender :

Renowned for its soothing fragrance and beautiful purple spikes, lavender adds both beauty and aroma to gardens.

Colorful nasturtiums and sunflowers

Nasturtiums offer vivid shades of red, yellow, and other hues, while their leaves are delicious additions to salads. Start nasturtium seeds indoors in April if your region struggles with slug or snail issues. For remarkable variegated foliage and bloom colors, consider planting these seeds in April.

For gardeners living in warmer climates, sunflowers can be planted outdoors during April. This warm, dry month is ideal for making sure your sunflower plants have enough moisture and sunlight to thrive all spring long.

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Choosing flowers for your garden

Selecting the perfect flowers for your garden largely depends on personal preference, as well as your region’s climate. Experimenting with different varieties will help you discover the most reliable options for your specific garden conditions. In addition to our recommended flowers, popular favorites like cosmos, marigolds, and black-eyed susans can also be sown in April to create an impressive summer display.

Additional planting tips

  • Prepare the soil: Ensure your planting area is weeded, raked, and prepared to achieve a fine tilth.
  • Protect seedlings: Consider starting plants indoors to prevent pests from devouring your young seedlings.
  • Water regularly: To maintain healthy growth, water your plants consistently but avoid overwatering or allowing your plants to sit in standing water.
  • Stagger sowing: By staggering your planting, you’ll have continued blooms throughout the entire season.
  • Research flower preferences: Certain flowers may prefer direct sunlight, while others thrive in shadier areas. Always research each flower’s preferences for best results.

In conclusion

April is an excellent time to start planting various flower seeds indoors and outdoors. By choosing flowers that suit your region’s climate and properly caring for your plants, you’ll create breathtaking displays gushing color all spring and summer long!


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