Why it’s advisable to tie an orange ribbon around your yard’s trees

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Creating a vibrant and productive garden is a goal for many homeowners, and one key to achieving this lies in welcoming the help of nature. Among the best natural collaborators are hummingbirds, which play an fundamental role as pollinators.

We will explore how tying orange ribbons around the trees in your yard can attract these beautiful birds, as well as tips on their care and safety.

Why invite hummingbirds into your garden

These tiny creatures offer several benefits:

  • Promote plant growth by spreading pollen across flowers
  • Help maintain ecological balance and pest control by consuming insects
  • Add beauty and charm with their stunning colors and fascinating behaviors


How to attract hummingbirds to your garden

1/ The power of orange ribbons

One simple yet effective way to invite hummingbirds to your yard is by tying bright orange ribbons around your trees, porch, planters, or fence.

It’s believed that hummingbirds have a unique ability to see colors more vibrantly than humans can, thanks to a fourth color-sensitive cone in their eyes. This capability allows them to gravitate towards the brightest-colored flowers – those that contain the most nectar.

By adding splashes of bright orange to your outdoor space, you create visual cues that guide these birds in your direction.

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2/ Offer nutritious food sources

Their primary food source: nectar-rich flowers. The top plants for attracting hummingbirds include salvia, lobelia, and begonia. However, you can also supplement your garden’s offerings with specially designed feeders.

Choose red or orange nectar feeders that are easy to clean and have ant and bee guards. Prepare a homemade nectar by mixing four parts water with one part white sugar, and avoid using honey, brown sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

3/ Provide a water source for hydration and bathing

Just like every living organism, hummingbirds require access to fresh water for their survival. To accommodate their needs, consider setting up a shallow bird bath specifically designed for their small size, or install misters and drippers in your garden.

These water features not only help the birds stay hydrated but also offer them a place to bathe and maintain their feather health.

Caring for and ensuring the safety of hummingbirds

1/ Protect them from predators

The biggest threat to hummingbirds is often family pets such as cats and dogs. Hawks are also known predators of these birds. To keep them safe, position your feeders away from branches where a predator could easily climb, while still offering nearby coverage so the birds can quickly escape if necessary.

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2/ Keep feeders clean and nectar fresh

To prevent disease transmission among hummingbirds, set a routine for cleaning feeders and changing the nectar every few days. Use a 10% bleach solution to disinfect before rinsing thoroughly and refilling with fresh nectar.

3/ Be mindful of window collisions

As hummingbirds buzz around your yard, they may accidentally collide with windows. Prevent this tragedy by applying window decals or other treatments to help them detect and avoid the glass.

In conclusion, by tying bright orange ribbons around your trees and implementing the tips outlined above, you can create an inviting habitat for hummingbirds to visit and help your garden flourish.

Embrace the magic of these winged wonders and enjoy a garden that’s buzzing with life.


Justin, an avid writer, is equally passionate about gardening, especially cultivating beautiful flowers and productive vegetable patches. His writing skillfully intertwines his gardening experiences with vivid descriptions and keen insights, inspiring readers to appreciate nature's beauty and consider their own gardening adventures.