7 Plants needing pruning in April – shrubs and perennials in the spotlight.

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As you might have already noticed, April is a beautiful month filled with crisp air, blooming flowers, and joyous moments in the garden. With spring well underway, this month comes packed with numerous gardening tasks that need your attention. Amidst all these chores, pruning should be placed high on your to-do list because it plays a essential role in maintaining the health and appearance of your plants.

April’s moderate temperatures make it an ideal time to prune various shrubs, perennials, and flowering plants that may grace your backyard. Whether you live in a colder climate or a warmer region, there are several popular plants that can benefit significantly from pruning at this time of year.

We will take a closer look at seven such plants and share tips on how to properly care for them during their April pruning.

7 popular plants to prune in april

  1. Chaenomeles (Flowering Quince)
  2. Hydrangea
  3. Penstemon
  4. Photinia
  5. Ribes (Flowering Currant)
  6. Spiraea
  7. Roses

1/ Chaenomeles (flowering quince)

Chaenomeles, also known as flowering quinces, are deciduous shrubs that produce colorful flowers during winter and early spring. To keep them healthy and vibrant, they should be pruned after they finish flowering around late April to May, depending on your region.

While pruning Chaenomeles, make sure to wear thick gardening gloves and long sleeves to protect yourself from the shrub’s spiny stems. Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches along with weak, crossing ones that may create entry points for disease. Lastly, if you have an older bush, only remove a few of its branches to avoid over-trimming.

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2/ Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are popular flowering plants that benefit from pruning during April. This month is ideal for pruning mophead and lacecap hydrangeas; however, refrain from trimming climbing types as they should be pruned after flowering.

Begin by removing any remaining old flower heads on the shrub, followed by dead, damaged, thin, and weak stems. Keep checking for new growth emerging in early spring and prune the plant accordingly.

3/ Penstemon

Pruning penstemons in early spring helps maintain their shape and encourages healthy growth. As soon as you see new shoots appear at the base, carefully trim the plant back, avoiding damage to these emerging buds.

4/ Photinia

April is a great time to trim photinias, especially if they’re growing too large for their designated space. Reducing their height and renovating your hedge will ensure a well-maintained garden.

5/ Ribes (Flowering Currant)

To rejuvenate older flowering currants, remove about a third of the oldest stems completely, cutting them down to ground level. Prune the plants after they’ve flowered in April and allow new stems to emerge to carry next year’s blooms.

6/ Spiraea

Spiraeas should be pruned for both appearance and health benefits. Once the frosts have ended and new growth starts appearing, trim the old woody stems to just a few inches above ground. This will result in a bushier plant that provides an impressive display of flowers in the summer.

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7/ Roses

If you haven’t pruned your roses yet, April is the time to do so. Properly trimmed roses will ensure healthier, more vibrant blooms throughout the growing season.

Essential Pruning Tools for Your April Gardening Tasks

  • Bypass Pruning Shears: A pair of bypass pruning shears will be helpful for trimming branches up to 1″ thick.
  • Loppers Pruning Shears: Loppers are perfect for cutting branches up to 2″ thick with ease.
  • Multi-Blade Knife Tool Sharpener: Keep your pruning tools razor-sharp with this lightweight, versatile sharpening tool.

In conclusion, making the most of April’s pleasant weather and dedicating time to prune the plants in your garden will not only improve their health but also enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor space. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your pruning shears, and make the best of this magical month!


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