10 Best rose varieties to grow in your backyard, according to a flower farming pro.

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  • 10 Best rose varieties to grow in your backyard, according to a flower farming pro.

Roses have always been popular additions to gardens, whether in rustic English cottages or more formal landscapes. With a vast array of varieties available, selecting roses for your garden can be an exciting yet daunting task.

Red rose in the garden

1/Alabaster rose

An epitome of grace and elegance, Alabaster roses boast pure white petals and a delicate lilac scent. Gracie, a professional rose grower and owner of Grace Rose Farm, claims these roses have an extensive indoor vase life of almost two weeks.

The beautiful cupped blooms prosper outside, where they reveal their full splendor. Alabaster roses are also known for their impressive disease resistance when given proper care.

2/Earth angel rose

Take a trip down memory lane with the vintage charm of Earth Angel roses. Their blush pink petals and lush fragrance make them ideal additions to romantic gardens. These new-to-market roses exhibit exceptional health and vigor, thriving in various growing conditions.

  • New-to-market variety
  • Blush pink petals
  • Lush fragrance

3/Notting hill rose

Inspired by London’s iconic neighborhood, Notting Hill roses exemplify elegance and sophistication. Their large blooms feature ivory petals tinged with pink, surrounded by dark green foliage that sets off their timeless beauty.

This classic English rose variety brings a touch of luxury to any garden setting. As April arrives, it’s important to remember that roses are among the plants that require pruning this month.

This regular maintenance not only helps them maintain their shape but also promotes healthy growth and abundant flowering, ensuring your garden remains a vibrant display of nature’s splendor.

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4/Francis meilland rose

Named after the legendary French rose breeder, Francis Meilland roses are renowned for their award-winning performance and considerable disease resistance. The hybrid tea roses showcase high-centered pink blooms with hints of coral, exuding a sweet fragrance that’s sure to make them standout additions to your garden.

5/Moonlight in paris rose

Create enchanting moments in your garden with Moonlight in Paris roses. Their delicate lavender hues and subtle scent evoke an atmosphere of romance and mystery. These roses perform exceptionally well in moderate climates, with abundant flowering throughout the season.

6/Royal park rose

Fit for royalty, Royal Park roses display vibrant peachy-orange blooms combined with a captivating citrus aroma. They’re suitable for planting in various settings, including borders and containers. With profuse blooming and strong disease resistance, Royal Park roses are truly regal additions to any outdoor space.

  • Vibrant peachy-orange blooms
  • Citrus aroma
  • Suitable for various settings

7/Ashley rose

Incorporate grace into your natural surroundings with Ashley roses. These charming blossoms exhibit soft pink petals set against lush green leaves, creating a visual treat. Ashley roses thrive in full sun or partial shade, with adequate water and care ensuring continuous blooming.

8/Pink O’Hara rose

Bask in the allure of timeless beauty with Pink O’Hara roses. Their large, fully opened blooms present layers of powder-pink petals, radiating a strong yet pleasant fragrance. Their excellent vase life makes them perfect for adding a touch of elegance indoors or in patio planters.

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9/Cathedral bells rose

Enliven your garden with the unique charisma of Cathedral Bells roses. The spiraled petals form bell-shaped blooms, earning them their distinct name. These magical roses present an ombre effect with shades of coral pink fading to cream, offering a visually striking appearance.

  • Spiraled petals create bell-shaped blooms
  • Ombre effect with shades of coral pink and cream
  • Disease resistant and easy-to-grow

10/Shirley’s bouquet rose

Complete your rose wonderland with Shirley’s Bouquet roses. Their delightful aroma and stunning blooms featuring pale pink outer petals and deep pink centers transform any space into a fairytale realm. This variety has earned a reputation for its hardiness and resilience, making it perfect for novice gardeners.

Enhance your garden aesthetics by incorporating these spectacular rose varieties. These blossoms will not only provide visual diversity but also invite delightful scents to elevate your outdoor experience. Welcome the magic and beauty that roses bring to any landscape!


Justin, an avid writer, is equally passionate about gardening, especially cultivating beautiful flowers and productive vegetable patches. His writing skillfully intertwines his gardening experiences with vivid descriptions and keen insights, inspiring readers to appreciate nature's beauty and consider their own gardening adventures.