Gladiolus x colvillei

Two pictures of a Gladiolus x colvillei; it came from a friend in Devon, UK, but she bought it in South Africa. The only name we have come up with is Gladiolus x colvillei 'Rubra'; can anyone confirm this, or correct its naming. To me this hybrid looks quite typical of a hybrid of both cardinalis and tristis, and I don't really see the need for 'Rubra', and feel that it may have only been used commercially in a similar manner as 'Alba' is for anything white. It is quite hardy here having survived numerous frosts and is planted in reasonably heavy, moist soil. Planted in the open, it has also stood up to windy conditions very wellm but unfortunately the flowers are ruined by rain. Time for discussion; in general flowers of this type as the pictures are known as x colvillei and these being of Gladiolus tristis parentage with Gladiolus cardinalis as the pollen donor. My question. Are all the Gladiolus nanus hybrids the reverse of this cross? If it is not the case, should they be?

Dave Fenwick (June 18, 2000)
Plymouth, UK