Clivia 'Baby's Breath' Victor Murillo
Clivia caulescens Dennis Tsang

Greg Petit
Clivia 'Doris' Jim Shields Clivia_DorisT.jpg
Clivia 'Gloria' Victor Murillo
Clivia ' Green Clouds ' Victor Murillo
Clivia hybs. Michael Vassar
Clivia Japred x Ausred Tony Palmer
Clivia 'Maxima' Jim Shields
Clivia MinGard Daryl Geoghegan
Clivia miniata Dennis Tsang
Clivia miniata
(Belgian Hybrids)
Sir Peter Smithers
Clivia miniata citrina Dennis Tsang

Willem Reuter
Clivia mirabilis Dennis Tsang
Clivia nobilis

Ian Black

Herbert Kelly Jr.

Michael Vassar

Clivia x kewensis 'Vico Yellow' Miyoshi & Co.
Clivia x kewensis 'Vico Gold' 2 Sir Peter Smithers
Clivia robusta Dennis Tsang
Clivia 'Solomone' Karl King

Tony Palmer
Clivia 'Walter's Yellow' x German Hybrid Tony Palmer
Clivia 'Yellow Star' Irinka A.

Clivia is one of the more primitive genera of the Amaryllidaceae. These have neither bulbs nor rhizomes, but possess an abundance of thick rope-like roots. They are evergreen, and have predominantly orange, red or salmon colored flowers. The most well-known species is Clivia miniata. Clivias are fairly easy to grow, but bringing them to flower is a bit tougher. In its own way, Clivia culture is somewhat demanding.

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