Arum palaestinum

This is the commonest arum of central Israel. It grows in the hills and mountains and not on the coastal area. It is found in the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens as a wild plant. We grow it also in buckets.

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Arnold in NJ

Having forgot the reputation of the arums I was successful in flowering one in my basement under HID lights. The spathe had appeared and not yet opened until this morning. I started down the stairs and immediately was sure that Lucy, the Wheaten Terrier we have, had an accident in the basement. I looked all over the place and could not find it until I noticed the purple flower of the Arum palaestinum. No mistaking where the odor was emanating from.

All I can say is grower beware.

Arnold (Jan 18, 2002)

Dear Arnold,

If it smells 'orrible then it doesn't sound like Arum palaestinum, which has a rather sickly sweet smell - "a very unusual cloying rose scent" is how Paul Christian describes it.

Tony Palmer (Jan 19, 2002)