The Herbert Medal is the highest honor the International Bulb Society can bestow upon a person for meritorius achievement in advancing the knowledge of bulbous plants. The medal is named for William Herbert (1778-1847), son of Henry Herbert, Earl of Carnarvon. William Herbert had a predilection for amaryllids and achieved success in their hybridization and published his research findings in several monumental works. His contributions as a pioneer plant breeder, and his arrangement of the Amaryllidaceae, helped set the stage upon which other workers, both amateur and professional, have been able to advance.

The award includes honorary life membership in the society.

The Herbert Medal may be awarded annually or on special occasions by the Board of Directors of the Society. Medalists need not be members of the Society.

Mr. Yoshikazu Nakamura,  Japan, 2013
Mr. Victor Murillo, California, 2012
Mr. Harry Hay, United Kingdom, 2011
Dr. Ori Fragman - Sapir, Israel, 2010
Mr. Joseph Solomone, California, 2009
Dr. Mark P. Bridgen, New York, 2008
Mr. Felix Fadjar Marta, Indonesia, 2007
Dr. Abraham H. Halevy, Israel, 2006
Mr. Herbert Kelly, Jr., California, 2005
Mr. Floris Barnhoorn, South Africa, 2004
Dr. Harold Koopowitz, California, 2003
Dr. Marcel Le Nard, France, 2002
Mr. Graham Dugald Duncan, South Africa, 2001
Dr. David Lehmiller, Texas, 2000
Dr. August A. De Hertogh, North Carolina, 2000
Dr. Peter Goldblatt, Missouri, 1999
Mr. Fred Meyer, California, 1999
Dr. Alan M. Meerow, Florida, 1998
Dr. Dierdre Anne Snijman, South Africa, 1997
Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland, 1997
Dr. Maurice Boussard, France, 1996
Mr. Brian Mathew, England, 1992
Dr. Kenneth E. Mann, California, 1991
Dr H. Shuichi Hirao, Japan, 1990
Mr. L. S. Hannibal, California, 1988
Mr. Grant E. Mitsch, Oregon, 1988
Dr. Thomas W. Whitaker, California, 1988
Dr. Hamilton P. Traub, California, 1985
Mrs. Marcia C. Wilson, Texas, 1984
Mrs. A. C. Pickard, Texas, 1983
Walter and Hilda Latapie, Louisiana, 1982
Mr. W. L. Tjaden, England, 1981
Mr. Charles D. Cothran, California, 1980
Mr. Harry Blossfeld, Brazil, 1979
Dr. W.S. Flory, Jr, North Carolina, 1978
Mrs. Emma D. Menninger, California, 1977
Mr. Floor Barnhoorn, South Africa, 1976
Dr. John M. Cage, California, 1975
Sr. Pierfelice Ravenna, Chile, 1974
Dr. Cesar Vargas, Peru, 1973
Mr. J. L. Doran, California, 1972
Dr. C.G. Ruppel, Argentina, 1971
Dr. Thad M. Howard, Texas, 1970
Mr. W. Quinn Buck, California, 1969
Dr. Robert P. Kahn, Maryland, 1968
Dr. Marton Cardenas Hermosa, Bolivia, 1967
  Mr. Leon Boshoff-Mostert, South Africa, 1966
Mr. Robert D. Goedert, Florida, 1965
Mr. S.Y. Caldwell, Tennessee, 1964
Mr. W. D. Morton, Jr. Louisiana, 1963
Dr. Floy F. Smith, Maryland, 1962
Mr. Frederick B. Jones, Texas, 1961
Prof. Ira S. Nelson, Louisiana, 1960
Dr. Robert G. Thornburgh, California, 1959
Mr. Wyndham Hayward, Florida, 1958
Mrs. Morris W. Clint, Texas, 1957
Mr. E.O. Orpet, California, 1956
Dr. Robert F. Hoover, California, 1955
Mr. Thomas R. Manley, Pennsylvania, 1954
Mr. E.A. Bowles, England, 1953
Dr. J.C. Th. Uphof, Florida, 1952
M. Mulford B. Foster, Florida, 1951
Mrs. Mary G. Henry, Pennsylvania, 1950
Capt. C. O. Fairbain, Australia, 1949
Dr. R. A. Dyer, South Africa, 1948
Mr. R. W. Wheeler, Florida, 1947
Mr. Guy L. Wilson, Northern Ireland, 1946
Mr. R. G. Huey, Kentucky, 1945
Dr. Henry A. Jones, Maryland, 1944
Miss. Elizabeth Lawrence, N. Carolina, 1943
Prof. Dr. A. Fernandes, Portugal, 1942
Mr. W. M. James, California, 1941
Mr. H. W. Pugsley, England, 1940
Dr. A. B. Stout, New York, 1939
Mr. Carl Purdy, California, 1939
Dr. J. Hutchison, England, 1939
Mr. Sydney Percy-Lancaster, India, 1939
Mr. Fred H. Howard, California, 1939
Mr. Jan de Graff, Oregon, 1938
Mr. Pierre S. duPont, Delaware, 1938
Maj. Albert Pam, England, 1938
Mr. Cecil Houdyshel, California, 1938
Mr. Ernst H. Krelage, Holland, 1938
Mr. Arthington Worsley, England, 1937
Mr. Theodore L. Mead, Florida, 1937
Mr. Henry P. Nehling, Florida, 1937